My top 3 Must Have photos apps for editing and sharing Family pictures.

There always seems to be a special Holiday or weekend moment that is the perfect photo opportunity. But what happens if you didn't pack "the nice camera"?
Well, did you know there are some amazing photo editing apps that turn your smartphone photos from meh to breathtaking! Now I am no photographer but because I have this online boutique and styling studio, I have been forced to do some research on how to take good photos that generate a buzz on social media, general marketing and the like.
So here on the blog today, I am giving you my top 3 photo apps that will make editing and sharing your photos a million times easier. Plus you will look like you spent time and money on learning these amazing tricks.

1. Rookie App- This app is a great introductory app for personal use. You can edit photos using professional editing tools, add stickers, textures, filters and much more.

2. Moldiv App- This app makes professional looking and fun collages. The options are seriously endless. I love that you can pick a collage template, insert your photos and then customize the collage to fit your photos as much as you need. This app gives you complete freedom to make amazing photo collages.

3. Rhonna Design App- This app is somewhat style specific but I think for family photos and memories, this one is so much fun! I love the different fonts you can add and fun little pre-designed stamps and stickers. Rhonna has some super cute design packs that make for great add-ons to your photos. Plus you can add fun borders that aren't cheesy. When I first started with photo apps, I used one that only had cartoon looking borders and I hated it! So this one really made my world better with more sophisticated options.


You may feel overwhelmed with these at first, but stick with it! These are really SO much fun!! Spend some time practicing and getting acquainted with the apps. Once you discover all you can do, you will never post a boring photo again!

Take these apps and get them downloaded just in time for Easter too:)

I hope you enjoyed this post. If you have any questions or would like to see me blog about a specific topic, comment below or shoot me an email at

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