12 Cute Looks & Fun Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day for Busy Moms

Shannon Burns

Whether you find time to celebrate your Valentine or not, it's still a fun and festive Holiday that requires a cute outfit...plus with being busy parents, it's always good to take a moment to celebrate your spouse & family! 

But as we get further into adulthood, Valentine's Day can quickly lose its luster. Am I right? So this year, why not TURN UP THE HEAT and take opportunity to celebrate your partner in life and have a nice adult evening out! 

You know...to remember how you ended up having kids in the first place! 

Take it from a Valentine Baby that this Holiday can really be fun, simple and sentimental! So not only do I want to show you 5 amazing looks Valentine's Day, I also want to give you a few tips on WHAT to do besides going out to dinner. 

Use this Valentine's Day to DRESS UP!! Put on the heels! WEAR THE DRESS!! 

I can't tell you how many Mom's I know that say "Oh no, I can't wear those! Im a flat only kind of gal" or "Where will I ever wear that too?" 
STOP making excuses for buying beautiful clothes that are more than your everyday life! SPOIL yourself (and you husband) and get something gorgeous to hang in your closet and bust out for a SPECIAL night out with the one you love. 

I started here with the more traditional but quite honestly, if you don't get out regularly with your spouse..please use V-Day as your ONE EXCUSE to make it happen:) 

Going somewhere a little less fancy? Pair a great blouse with your jeans and (yes, I am going to say it AGAIN...) your HEELS and rock it like the Mom Boss you are! 

Plus, every woman feels amazing wearing something feminine and flouncy, right? So again..do it up on Valentines to feel your best! 

Valentine's Day doesn't have to be celebrated at night! Brilliant, right? #yourewelcome
Do a DAY DATE! Or Brunch or Lunch or maybe go to a park or zoo. Do something FUN and different + BONUS...not reservations or long wait times. 
If you go the Day Date route, be sure to pop some print or fun color to liven up your look! 
Just because Valentines Day is promoted with Red, Pink and Purple, doesn't mean that it's the only colors you can rock on this sweet Holiday. Try something different! 

Speaking of different...like to get outdoors? Do a fun Athlesiure look and go out for a hike or ride bikes together. 
Grab your kicks, some cute leggings and a hoodie and get active! What a FUN and SPECIAL way to spend some time with your spouse or family. 

My point is...don't leave V-Day for the status quo type dinner date if you really don't enjoy that sort of thing. Make it what you want and maybe bring some wine and chocolate (because that V-Day tradition is a keeper by most's women's standards). 

I hope you enjoy this cheesy holiday for all it's worth and spend time with those you love! 

Enjoy Momma! 
XO, Shannon

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