5 Gift Tips & Ideas for those Hard to Buy for People on your List!

Shannon Burns

It's crunch time ladies! Christmas is just around the corner and I am willing to bet you have your "easy" to shop for people crossed off the list. It starts to get stressful as you check off that list when you look and see that Uncle Bob and your Dad and your picky Aunt Mary are still haunting you because you have NO CLUE what to get them. 

Or maybe it's your sister and her husband...you know the ones that buy themselves EVERYTHING, the moment they want it. So what can you really gift to them that they don't already have?? 

Well, this week, I am sharing my best TIPS & TRICKS on "How to Buy for those Hard to buy for people on your list". 

MEN!! Let's start with the HARDEST ones to shop for. And let me say..I'm not sure that most men are hard because I am just super girly and don't look at "man things" but MAN...are the men in my life hard to shop for! 

TIP #1: For the Men...

My formula when it comes to shopping for men is food, gift cards or legit just asking them to tell me about their latest "project" that they "need" another tool for, lol! 

Last year, I bought my husband a portable air compressor. Prior to buying this, I has NO IDEA what the heck I was buying and my husband is very PARTICULAR about the details of his equipment so this took a LOT of effort on my end. 

I partnered with my Dad and the nice men at home depot to figure out what the heck I was buying. Plus I searched my husbands Amazon app on his phone and looked the items on his waitlist (that's a perfect great trick for sneaky research!) 

This year, I am not going as elaborate but my hubs loves to LEARN...so he recently has been geeking out over his coffee. I tried to buy him an espresso machine and he bought it THREE WEEKS before Fathers Day!!! Ugh! I was like...REALLY?!?! 

So he has been drinking Espresso Con Panna's...its basically whipped cream with an espresso shot. So the next natural step is how to make Starbucks quality whipped cream at home. Luckily, I was a Starbucks Barista in college so this one was easy and much cheaper than last year, lol! 

But my DAD is the hardest person to shop for on my list, HANDS DOWN!! But the best thing I can do for my Dad is a gift card, his favorite box of See's Candy and a heart felt card. 

Sometimes it the words that make more of a difference than the gift itself. 

Other TIPS for shopping for Dad's...

  • Gift Cards to where they go most. Like restaurants, grocery stores (yes, I get my Dad grocery store gift cards because steak is his favorite thing to buy and cook at home. He doesn't out at all!!) 
  • Bake them something. Food really is the way to a man's heart so make their favorite dish
  • Buy them something fun but not really practical...Shop this WEBSITE
    I have found some super fun and funny gifts for men here. 
  • Here is another BLOG POST I found with a list of cool gifts for men too so I hope that helps:) 

TIP #2: Hard to Fit...

For the women on your list that are either joining you as a guest that you don't know intimately well enough to ask what size they wear or a friend or neighbor that you really want to show your appreciation but they don't drink wine and you don't know much else about their everyday...

Accessories!! And the best deal on an accessory that "feels" like a substantial gift is either a Poncho or scarf. The price points are easy and so is the fit! No guessing on size because these are one size, fits all. 

BONUS TIP: Add a cute pair of earrings to make the gift feel really thoughtful and put together. Preferably something they can wear together. 

Click HERE to shop the Poncho. Click HERE to grab the earrings.
Orders over $50, ship FREE! 

TIP #3: Wow them with Warmth!

When it comes to hard to shop for people on your list...winter is a great excuse to buy someone you love a cozy gift. But how many sets of pajamas can one person really wear? 
Don't get me wrong, I love a new set of PJ's and slippers but every year...that gets kind of boring. 
So why not surprise your cozy gift lover with a Blanket or better yet a cute top that feels like a cozy blanket? 

My best selling top this season is the All the Snuggles top. It's an easy fit and all you need to complete the look is a great pendant necklace! This NEW Mixed Metal necklace makes a beautiful and easy gift. 


Shop the Cream Fringe Cardigan HERE.
Shop these beautiful Stone Earrings, HERE

TIP #4: For Health & Well-Being...

I a HUGE health nut. I suffer from high stress and digestive issues that have lead me to be very disciplined with my health. If you have someone on your list that could use some great health and wellness products...than I have some great suggestions for you this year! 

Here is a list of my favorite Health & wellness products that have literally CHANGED MY LIFE! No joke! 

TIP: With health and wellness products, it can be hard to navigate so I have some friends I am linking here on this post and I want you to personally connect with them if you plan to shop their products because they can guide to the PERFECT product for your hard to shop for person. 

  • 1. Doterra Oils! My Friend and LBC Client, Cindy Vallone, has been so helpful! 

Join her FB Group HERE to see what she has to share this month but I LOVE all the On Guard Products to protect my family from getting sick and to aid in quick recovery from illness.

These products WORK! I have been using them for over 5 years & my daughter received the PERFECT Attendance award in her last trimester of school, thanks to NO ILLNESSES! She is in 4th grade so you know the kind of germs that kids can pass along at that age. 

I would love to receive or give any one of these amazing starter sets with a great diffuser and some oils. Perfect way to introduce oils to someone you love that is looking to get healthier in the New Year! 


  • My Friend Chanel, from Anything Mama Co. has the perfect gift sets for Men! Shop her site HERE

All her products are handmade, ship quickly and have NO CHEMICALS!! So good for your skin. 

TIP #5: There's still time to do some research!

Get "sneaky" with those that are hard to shop for. Ask around or ask these questions to help get your perfect gift search started...

  • What do they use or love daily? Stock them up! 
  • What would they love to do or have that they haven't pulled the trigger to buy or go do by themselves? 
    (I bought murder mystery dinner tickets for one of my "hard to shop" for peeps and I cannot wait to gift this creative, unique and fun gift card!) 
    TIP: I searched Groupon for this one but you can also search Living Social for good ideas on activities to gift. 
  • What do they need? 
    Often times gifts aren't the most exciting but they can be really useful...like new socks. How often does the man in your life buy those things. Men really do appreciate this kind of gift because other wise they will wear the same old, whatever for like 20 years and never replace it! So gross! 
    PS: Throw away the old socks before you add the new one. Please. Do it for me, lol! 
  • Check their Amazon app or cart BUT BEWARE...you may spoil a gift for you..so this one is risky, lol! 
  • Call a friend they talk to a lot and see if they have any ideas on what you could gift to them. 

I hope this post SPARKS some amazing ideas! COMMENT below with a good gift you have purchased for someone Hard to Shop for on your list! It may INSPIRE someone else reading this post! 

Happy Shopping friends! XOXO! Shannon 

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