How to create the Perfect Outfit, everytime!

Ever wonder why there are certain women that just "have style"? I mean, where did it come from and why can't we all just "have great style"?
Style is something you can't "copy" per se. Its more in your personality but there is a basic formula that we can follow to get "the look" and then make it our own. 
So here's what...

Why You Have A Closet Full of Nothing to Wear and How to Fix this ASAP!

It starts with the 5 a.m. wake up call and it's time to get moving! The kids will be up soon, lunches to pack, coffee to pour and re-heat 10 times (you know you do it too). So when it comes to getting dressed in the morning, putting together a stylish outfit is usually not in the cards. 

I mean, workout pants are "sort of acceptable, right?". No. And you deserve better! You know you deserve better or you wouldn't be reading this article right now (#straighttalk). So why is it that something...

Wear the damn DRESS, Lady! Why moms make excuses to stay frumpy and how you can avoid it

Wear it! Just wear it! I know, I know...You have littles. They spit up, stain things, break things, make messes and you really can't even think about having to clean another damn thing! Especially that new splurge of a dress you just bought, which you are saving for the next unplanned date night that may never happen if you don't put it in the calendar and your babysitter doesn't cancel on you.

I get it momma! I KNOW how all this happens. Your tired, frustrated with trying to keep everything together but I'm here to tell you that if you...

The LBC Style Guide: Fourth of July Looks for Busy Moms and Gals

Hey Momma!

As if your summer wasn't hot enough...I'm going to help you make fireworks this summer with your Summer Holiday looks! This is a super quick guide to 3 ways to rock the perfect Fourth of July look, no matter your style.

I'll start by saying...I have not always been a fan of wearing a flag on my t-shirt. #truthbomb But I will say that I have scouted out some really cute styles this summer to rock the flag like a true fashionista, minus the cheese.

But first... If you are anything like me, I say stick to solids....

3 Must Have Items for a Stylish, Versatile Wardrobe!

Every woman wants a wardrobe that serves her well. Am I right? I mean, imagine walking into your closet every morning for your clothes to greet you with the perfect outfitting options and you know exactly how to put it all together for ultimate style confidence!

So here's the deal...this post isn't going to solve your problems in an instant because you can't just read a some advice and fix all your problems without putting together a plan of attack. So I have put together 3 Must Have Items to help get you...